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Limitation of Liability
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7. almasdaronline does not guarantee uninterrupted services included in

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Intellectual property
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10. Further to paragraph 9, you acknowledge that you: 10; 1 warrant that your contributions:

10; 1; 1 of your original production and that you have the right to make it available to the Site for all purposes described above.

10; 1; 2 is not abusive

10; 1; 3 Do not violate any laws

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10; 3 give up any moral rights to your contributions with respect to their submission and publication on

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Almasdaronline.com rules

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Your contributions:
Your contributions should be polite and do not scratch public taste.

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Be patient: users of all ages and abilities participate in almasdaronline.com

No unnecessary messages or unrelated material are allowed: we do not allow the same contribution to be submitted more than once. Please do not resubmit your contribution to more than one discussion and do not submit posts that are off-topic in topic-specific discussions.

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Information about the law:
You are not permitted to submit any reputable or illegal information in any form to almasdaronline.com, including text, images, software, and audio or video recordings.

Any material intended to commit or incite illegal acts is strictly prohibited.

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If you are under 16 years of age
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If you breach the Terms of Use:
If you fail to comply with the rules for sharing at almasdaronline.com, you will be sent an email about why your post was not published. The letter will also include a warning that continued breaches of the rules may result in legal action.


General information:
12. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and any other terms on almasdaronline.com, the most recent terms will apply.

13. If any of these conditions are determined to be unlawful, illegal or unenforceable due to the laws of any country, the illegal clauses will be deleted and the remaining clauses will remain in force.