About Us


Almasdar Online is an independent Yemeni news organization paving the way forward for honest, high quality news coverage focused on Yemen and related developments across the wider MENA region. Meaning “the source” in English, Almasdar is dedicated to providing a global readership with objective reporting that is unparalleled in its level of detail yet uncompromising in its clarity.

Our team of journalists, translators, and editors adhere to a strict code of ethics and standards, chief among these is an unflinching devotion to the truth. We are committed to helping the public make sense of the facts, without interference from any political party, governmental authority, or outside interests. This devotion is borne out of the belief that the public has a right to impartial information, and that it is in exercising this right that democratic values will prevail.

Almasdar Online encompasses both an Arabic and English language website, which are independently run but jointly governed by a board of directors who are also co-owners. The board members are established Yemeni journalists, business owners, and educators who share in the belief that informative, impartial reporting is a benefit to their communities and a necessity for their country. 

Under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Alkhatab Al-Rawhani, a seasoned journalist with more than a decade of experience in the field, the English version of Almasdar Online maintains complete editorial and financial independence from its Arabic language sister website. Our coverage is driven by a team of passionate Yemeni reporters on the ground and supported by international editors and media professionals with experience working in Yemen.

While seeking to provide researchers, policy makers and humanitarian workers around the world with a reliable source for news on Yemen and the region, at the heart of our work is a commitment to Yemenis across the country. Building trust with local communities and ensuring the values and views of ordinary Yemenis are represented in our reporting – regardless of their background or affiliation – is fundamental to this commitment. 

In a security environment as precarious as Yemen’s, publishing the truth carries with it a special obligation to protecting our staff and the community alike. Journalists continue to be targeted by various armed groups in Yemen and by governments in the region, with untold numbers wrongfully imprisoned, disappeared and murdered. Our reporters on the ground are putting their lives on the line in search of the truth, and we are committed to ensuring the security of our staff and the anonymity of our confidential sources.

In light of the risks facing media institutions in Yemen, some of our reporters and staff prefer to maintain their anonymity. At the same time, we believe transparency and open engagement with the public is a crucial pillar of the free press, and we are committed to being as open with our readers as we can. As such, we welcome your questions, feedback, and ideas for how together we can contribute to strengthening one of the pillars on which a prosperous Yemen may re-emerge.

Managing Editor:

Casey Coombs

Twitter: @Macoombs


Deputy Managing Editor:

Ali Al-Sakani 

Twitter: @Alsakaniali


Yemen's desk manager:

Adnan Al-gabrani @aljbrnyadnan