Troops from the 1st Infantry Brigade, loyal to STC President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, blocked roads leading into Al-Mualla from neighboring districts

STC forces setup new security checkpoints in Aden’s Al-Mualla district 

Local authorities say nearly 2,000 children from Dhamar have died fighting for the Houthis, the majority of whom come from impoverished families

Houthis return the bodies of six abducted children-turned-soldiers to families in Dhamar  

With hope as a weapon, Griffiths said his goal in 2020 is to launch political negotiations between the parties

Exclusive interview: UN envoy Martin Griffiths discusses prospects and plans to end Yemen's war

Shalal Saeed, who previously fought with the anti-Houthi resistance in Al-Dhale, killed Sukara near the southern entrance to Al-Dhale City

Southern Resistance commander Walid Sukara assassinated in Al-Dhale 

Abu Ouja, who is also commander of the 135th Infantry Brigade in Wadi Hadhramout, was traveling in Shibam when the attack occurred

Chief of Staff of the First Military Region survives assassination attempt in Hadhramout

Eight clubs from various Yemeni governorates are participating in the tournament, which started on Jan. 12 in Hadhramout's capital Seiyun

Hadhramout continues to host Yemeni football league matches despite war

The visit follows EU meetings with Yemeni politicians in the interim capital Aden last week

EU delegation arrives in Sana’a to discuss de-escalation and reach a 'comprehensive settlement'

The fighting coincides with aerial attacks in neighboring Marib governorate, including missile strike that killed more than 110 in Marib Saturday

Five Houthis and an army soldier killed in ongoing clashes east of Sana'a

Marib City hospitals declared a state of emergency, appealing for blood donations for the wounded

Death toll from Marib attack surpasses 110, overwhelms local hospitals

Addressing the UN Security Council, the special envoy also discussed the Riyadh agreement, prisoner swaps and medical flights from Sana'a

Griffiths: Yemen needs to stay out of U.S.-Iran conflict or risk losing political momentum

Soldiers at the two security checkpoints were seen leaving in military vehicles towards the Security Belt forces camp in Al-Buraiqa district

Security Belt forces remove two security checkpoints near Aden airport

The NGO said it removed more than 10,000 landmines, IEDs and unexploded shells in Al-Me’raj, Zera’ah and Al-Mizan districts

Saudi-backed landmine project clears explosives from Yemen's Taiz governorate

Authorities have made no efforts to prevent the spread of the viral disease among the 57 prisoners, seven of whom have been infected, the mothers said

Mothers of Abductees Association warns of growing dengue fever outbreak in Aden’s Bir Ahmed prison

Hadi's advisor Dr. Ahmed Obaid Bin Dagher announced the plans as part of the renewed push to implement the Riyadh agreement

President Hadi expected to appoint Aden governor and director of security within a week

The revival of the Supreme Economic Council (and its control over oil revenues) is part of renewed efforts to implement the Riyadh agreement

Yemen's PM sidelines ex-central bank governor Hafiz Muayad and revives pre-war economic council

Hundreds of soldiers in the Al-Fatah Brigade in Sa'ada revolted against Major General Radad Al-Hashimi, blaming him for the Houthi ambush in August

Saudi-backed Salafi commander survives mutiny on Yemen's border

Five people were confirmed dead including the mosque's Imam and the gunman's father

Gunman in Lawder mosque shooting said to be suffering from mental illness

The developments are part of a renewed push to implement the Riyadh agreement after two months without progress

Yemen’s government forces withdraw from Abyan as Saudis inspect STC camps in Aden

A spokesman for Sudan's Rapid Support Forces said that only a "small" group of 657 Sudanese military personnel remain

Sudan announces further reduction of troop levels in Yemen

The move has drawn widespread criticism on social media including accusations that the Houthis are intentionally effacing Yemen’s modern identity

At Dhamar University, lecture halls named after national icons now commemorate Houthi fighters