The death of “Khaled Mohammed Al-Heeth” illustrates the dire situation many civilian prisoners are facing in Houthi prisons.

Yemeni civilian Khaled Mohammed Al-Heeth dead after time spent in Houthi prison

A vigil ear Ma'ashik palace to demand the release of detainees in prisons run by forces loyal to UAE

Attempt to thwart mother of abductees vigil outside Ma'ashik palace unsuccessful

The War in Yemen has killed and injured nearly 70,000 people since the beginning of 2015 until the end of October 32019, according to the World Health

WHO: Yemen's war has killed and injured 70,000 people

U.S. Ambassador to Yemen Christopher Henzel visited the city of Mukalla in Hadhramaut governorate on Monday for an unannounced visit

Us ambassador arrives in Mukalla

MSF reopens its hospital in al-Mocha nearly two weeks after it was set on fire by a Houthi attack

MSF reopens its Al-Mocha facility

Military sources confirm: Houthis detains Saudi oil ship and Korean ships off Kamaran Island

Saudi and Korean ships detained near Hodeidah by Houthis

2 girls die and 15 other confirmed cases of dengue fever detected north of Al-Mocha

More cases of dengue appearing in Taiz governorate