Almasdar Online tracks the web of smuggling routes Iran uses to secretly deliver drones, missiles and other military technology to the Houthis

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An obscure prison economy has flourished since the Houthis came to power in late 2014

War economy flourishing behind the walls of Houthis detention centers

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More than five months ago, the Houthis started imposing the 20 percent levy – at times, more – on the owners of sand and gravel crushers, water companies and even chicken farms in areas under their control

Houthis have been charging controversial Hashemite tax for months

Launched by the Hadramout Health Organization, the initiative connects specialists and consultants from different medical specialities to patients free of charge through social media apps like WhatsApp

Hadhramout launches online coronavirus medical consultation via chat apps

The ambush, which killed the brother of Shabwa’s special forces commander Brig. Gen. Abdrabbuh La’kab, came hours after tribal mediation with the head of the governorate’s security committee and Gov. Mohammed Bin Adyo defused a similar situation

STC gunmen ambush Shabwa security forces as tribal mediation unravels

Family of Ahmad Oweidi al-Abbadi, 75, calls for his release following his arrest last week in the capital, Amman.

Jordan charges former MP with 'insulting the king, queen'

Muyesser Yildiz of OdaTV arrested for 'political and military espionage' over stories on Turkey's involvement in Libya.

Turkey: Journalist accused of revealing state secrets arrested

The president of the university's faculty union listed the deaths in a mass obituary without specifying how they died

Aden University mourns 27 professors' deaths since May amid disease outbreaks

Government-controlled areas of Yemen have only 3,000 PCR kits to collect samples of suspected coronavirus cases and six devices to test the samples, Minister of Public Health and Population Dr. Nasser Ba

Health Minister: 30M Yemenis threatened by six disease outbreaks, including coronavirus