Lazraq said the death threats from STC leader Yahya Ghalib Al-Shuaibi came after he refused to “be bought"

STC leader threatens life of Aden Al-Ghad editor-in-chief Fathi Bin Lazraq 

The Yemeni embassy in Riyadh announced arrangements with a Saudi hospital to conduct free lab tests for its stranded nationals, but those in Sharoura say otherwise

Yemen coronavirus committee waves lab tests for expats stranded in Saudi Arabia

Critics on social media have blasted the Houthis for privileging one group of people based on their bloodline at a time when global protests are highlighting the ills of racism

Houthis reinterpret religious tax to steer more funds to Hashemites

Schukhart Boeyev, an orthopedic surgeon at Harib General Hospital, was found dead outside his home on Sunday

Russian doctor in Marib found dead from unknown causes 

Mohammed Qabel is also the father of the late journalist Abdullah Qabel, who was killed in a Saudi-led coalition airstrike after being detained by the Houthis

Father of four sons in Houthi detention dies seeking their release

The proposal by the Hadhramout Valley and Desert Tribes Alliance comes in the wake of the assassination of a local security chief

Hadhramout's second largest tribal alliance outlines vision for local-led security

The STC is leading the campaign to oust him, and despite his longstanding membership in the Socialist Party has labeled him a “Muslim Brotherhood governor”

The Socialist in Socotra at the crossroads of unity, secession and foreign intervention