The proposal by the Hadhramout Valley and Desert Tribes Alliance comes in the wake of the assassination of a local security chief

Hadhramout's second largest tribal alliance outlines vision for local-led security

The STC is leading the campaign to oust him, and despite his longstanding membership in the Socialist Party has labeled him a “Muslim Brotherhood governor”

The Socialist in Socotra at the crossroads of unity, secession and foreign intervention

Eyewitnesses said that Houthis in a military vehicle fired a barrage of bullets at a passenger bus, killing the brother and mother of a bride-to-be on their way to buy her wedding dress

Houthi gunmen accused of killing bride’s family in Ibb

Yemenis stranded in Saudi Arabia report costly fees for coronavirus testing before returning to Yemen, despite arrangements to conduct the tests for free

Yemen embassy in Riyadh investigates COVID-19 bribery scheme at border crossing

Yemeni sailors and army forces detained two boats with seven Eritrean gunmen near the Hunaish Islands, where Eritrean navy forces have been harassing Yemeni fishermen

Red Sea Coast Guard detains Eritreans attacking Yemeni fishermen

Derek Chauvin, who knelt on Floyd's neck, faces second-degree murder charge, other 3 face aiding and abetting charges.

Floyd death: Three more officers charged; Chauvin charge upgraded

Russian warplanes hit Hama for the first time since a truce brought relative calm to the region in March.

Russian air raids target NW Syria for first time in three months

The governor’s private photographer was accused in the plot and arrested with others

Hadhramout security officials say they foiled an assassination attempt on the governor

Concerns that coronavirus could infect 16 million Yemenis "are more than just assumptions,” WHO official Ahmed Al-Mandhari said. “These estimates are based on facts that we are witnessing in Yemen."

Exclusive interview: WHO director says COVID-19 could infect half of Yemen population

Costs of graves in the governorates have soared since the start of the pandemic.

Coronavirus spreads in Ibb

An abandoned oil tanker off the coast of Hodeidah that has been described as a “floating bomb” is still afloat after seawater made its way into one of the cooling system’s pipes.

Safer oil employee: Oil tanker off Hodeidah will sink in weeks if not urgently repaired 

When a case is reported, rather than testing everyone who has been in contact with the patient, the Houthis have in some cases resorted to padlocking entire apartment buildings without any advanced notice.

Fear and stigma keep sick Yemenis away from coronavirus treatment 

The ban is an attempt to reduce large qat gatherings and mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

Military police enforce three-day qat ban in Taiz

Yemeni fishermen said Eritrean navy forces intercepted and confiscated seven of their boats on Saturday, before beating them and confiscating their catch.

Yemeni coast guard denies rumors Eritrea has re-occupied Hunaish Islands