The fighting between government forces and forces loyal to the STC around Zinjibar continues to block the road linking Aden to Abyan, Shabwa and Hadhramout

Clashes resume a day after Abyan ceasefire 

The WHO also warned that the world is still in the middle of the pandemic's first wave, and a second peak is possible.

WHO suspends coronavirus hydroxychloroquine trial

Some residents see the Houthis' relocation of qat markets outside the city aimed more at preserving a major source of revenue than protecting public health

In Ibb, alternative qat markets ease traffic congestion, but may not slow COVID-19 outbreak

After paying financial guarantees demanded by Houthi prosecutors to release of five journalists, the families learned that the Houthis sought to include the reporters in prisoner exchange deals

Mothers of abductees: Houthis extorted families of detained journalists based on false promises

The fight for Abyan's capital Zinjibar resumed, once again cutting of the road to Shaqra, and a convoy of army reinforcements was ambushed near Al-Mahfad

Renewed army-STC clashes in Abyan’s north and south