War in Yemen: Revolution and Saudi Intervention - CSS

Yemen is once more at the focus of international attention: Internal power struggles continue in the wake of authoritarian president Ali Abdullah Saleh’s relinquishment of power during the Arab Spring and the initiation of a national dialog. The power grab by Houthi rebels has prompted a military response by neighboring Saudi Arabia.

The Political Challenges of Yemen's Southern Movement

Summer 2008 and a forthcoming book entitled Yemen Redivided: Twenty Years of. National Unity in the ... 1994 war with Saleh forced him into exile; other YSP members in exile include ...... org/INTYEMEN/Resources/YEMEN-ENG2009AM.pdf. ... tronic bulletin in English and Arabic assessing key political reform develop-.

Yemen’s Question: From the Struggle for Freedom to the Struggle for Survival

Ahmed A. Al Zandani