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The SAM organisation calls for the rescue of sick abductees from a

In a report entitled "Slow Death", the organization highlighted abuses against sick detainees in Houthi prisons The organization condemned cases of "medical negligence" and "deliberate abuse" of civilians arbitrarily held in Houthi prisons. "Their negligence exposes them to a double violation, affects their mental and physical health, and increases the suffering of their families" it said.

The Yemeni human rights organisation has obtained information about the presence of unofficial Houthi prisons in areas controlled by the Houthis. The organisation claims that the lives of prinsoners at Houthi prisons aree at risk because they are denied the right to treatment and in certain cases disease is  deliberately left unchecked as a form of torture. .

SAM quoted the Association of Mothers of Abductees as saying there are at least 183 abductees with serious medical conditions and diseases in Houthi prisons.

SAM published the names of 43 abductees in Houthi prisons with several diseases.

The organisation has pointed out that the inattention to prisoners’ medical conditions in Houthi  prisons can be described as slow death sentences, as prisoners are detained without medical attention and left to suffer through their, in some cases, fatal illnesses..

According to the organization many of the detainees got these diseases in prison as a result of torture and/or poor health conditions.

SAM noted that the detainees' health conditions and medical suffering have compounded the psychological suffering of their families and have brought additional financial costs to them.

On Wednesday, human rights organizations announced the death of Houthi detainee Khaled al-Heeth from a treatable disease he was not provided medical attention for.


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