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3 students have been injured in an attack by Abu Al-Abbas brigades on a school south of Taiz

3 students injured in attack on Taiz school

Three students were wounded by gunfire during an attack by Abu Al-Abbas brigades of the 35th Armored Brigade as they stormed a school on Wednesday morning in Al-Ma’afar district in southern Taiz governorate.

A human rights activist who declined to be named told Almasdar Online that Abu al-Abbas brigades stormed the “13th  of June middle school” during the morning queue on Wednesday morning in the Al-Nashma area of Al-Ma’afar district.

According to the source Abu Al-Abbas brigades attacked the school, assaulted students, fired indiscriminately during the morning queue, and asked students and teachers to leave the school on the pretext of their intention to turn it into a military barracks.

Three students were injured in the shooting: Mohammed Issam Mahioub, Makram Radwan Hassan and Iyad Fares Mohammed. The injured boys were treated at the rural hospital and then transferred to the al-Rayyan hospital. The attack has caused panic among the students, according to locals.

The attack prompted residents of Al-Nashma to demonstrate against Abu Al-Abbas brigades, burning tires, and demand that Abbas gunmen leave the 13th of June school. Protesters also demanded they leave all other schools they have turned into military barracks since they were stationed in the governorate a year ago, after being driven out of the old city of Taiz.


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