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Houthis are perpetrators of more than 25,000 violations against civilians in Sanaa, according to an official human rights report

Human rights report logs 25,000 Houthi-perpetrated violations against civilians in Sana

A report entitled  "Under the Oppression," prepared by the Office of the Ministry of Human Rights in the Capital, was released on Sunday in Marib. The report documented the numerous violations and crimes committed by the Houthis against civilians in the Capital Sana’a since the beginning of 2017. 

The Houthi-perpetrated killings, injuries, torture, arrests, looting of public and private property, recruitment and use of child soldiers and violations against women and children, said Fahmi al-Zubairi the Director-General of Human Rights Ministry in Sanaa city, who reviewed the report in a press conference in Marib city.

Al-Zubairi said a total 25,714 violations were documented since 2017, and that the most serious crimes committed were shootings and killings under torture, of which 274 cases were registered.

He pointed out that there were 105 cases of injury suffered under torture, among these nine injuries  resulted intotal paralysis, five cases in partial paralysis, and 7 resulted in memory loss.

"Violations committed by the Houthi militia are increasing day by day and year by year," said Minister of State and the Mayor of the Capital Abdul Ghani Jamil during the release ceremony of the report. Jamil added that the silence of UN human rights organizations, has encouraged the Houthis perpetration of these crimes against civilians residents of the city. 

Jamil called on the United Nations and human rights organizations to press the Houthis to stop  violations against civilians.


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