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Houthis return corpse of young man in Taiz weeks after his disappearance

On ِApril 21, Ahmed Tahir Ahmed Jamil’s family in Taiz lost contact with him. Half a month later, the Houthis returned his corpse, bearing evidence of torture and five bullet wounds.

A source close to the family of the 30-year-old victim told Almasdar Online that they lost contact with Ahmed on April 21 while he was heading to work in a car shop in Hawban area of Taiz city.

“Two days after he disappeared and searched for him, a sheikh in our area in Shar’ab district informed us that Ahmed was being detained by the Houthis in Al-Saleh city prison,” the source said, referring to the prison compound on the outskirts of Taiz city where the Houthis are known to keep large numbers of prisoners and detainees.

About a week after that, a Houthi supervisor in Hawban informed Ahmed’s family that the young man had been shot dead by snipers on 40th street in Taiz city, the source said, and Houthi gunmen from the area handed over his body to his uncle on May 3.

“Signs of brutal torture are visible on Ahmed's body as well as five gunshot wounds to various parts of his body,” the source said. “They tortured him, and shot him during the torture.”

The source close to the victim’s family said that the family was forced to bury Ahmed at night after the Houthis allowed his mother and family only a few minutes to say goodbye. Houthi figures from Shar’ab district pledged to follow up the case.

According to media reports, Houthis arrested Ahmed at Al-Hawban checkpoint on the outskirts of Taiz city and detained him in Al-Saleh prison, east of Taiz, where he was tortured and killed.



Edited by Ali Al Sakani



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