Government forces backed by coalition repel Houthi militia attack north of Abbs, killing 15 of them

A military source in the fifth military zone, said that the joint forces repelled early Wednesday a violent attack by the Houthi militia on government forces positions in al-Tina area, in the province of Hajjah in north-western Yemen.

A military source told Al-Masdar online, that dozens of Houthi elements were killed, wounded and captured in a failed attack by the gunmen of the Iranian-backed group on liberated positions in al-Tina area, Hajjah governorate.

"At dawn on Wednesday, Al-Houthi militants launched a massive attack on positions under joint forces (Yemeni, Saudi and Sudanese forces) in al-Tina area, north of Abbs governorate, the largest town in Hajjah province," the source added.

The joint forces were able to repel the attack and the attacking militias suffered heavy casualties, the source said.

According to the source, about 15 militiamen were killed and a number of gunmen were captured, including wounded, while the source could not accurately verify the death toll.

According to the media center of the 5th Military Zone, 25 militiamen were killed in the attack, and dozens were wounded, while a reporter for "Al-Masdar Online" showed a video showing the bodies of five Houthi gunmen still lying in the vicinity of the site of the clashes north of Abbs district.

Photographs obtained by Al-Masdar online field correspondent showed 10 bodies of Houthi gunmen lying in the vicinity of al-Tina area west of Bani Hassan, and "Al-Masdar Online" refrains from publishing the photos and video showing the bodies, in compliance with humanitarian standards in the press.

Earlier this week, Houthi militias forced dozens of citizens to flee their areas north of Abbs, after they turned them into rocket and artillery launchers towards liberated areas, in addition to deliberately shelling and targeting citizens' homes to force them to leave.

In March, government forces liberated the villages of Al-Tina, north of Hajjah, joining dozens of villages and liberated in the districts of Hayran, Abbs, Haradh and Midi.

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