2 girls die and 15 other confirmed cases of dengue fever detected north of Al-Mocha

More cases of dengue appearing in Taiz governorate

Two girls died and 15 others were infected with dengue fever in what is becoming an epidemic in the Al-Mocha district in western Taiz governorate. Local sources told Al-Masdar online that a dengue epidemic has re-spread in recent days throughout the area. 

According to the sources the two children Kamaria Abdo Yahya and Reinat Ali Abdodied on Thursday Nov. 14th, while 15 other cases, also children, were identified. Four of them are currently in critical condition, and are all from the area of Najiba in the Al-Jom’ah district  northeast of Al-Mocha city.

In the past few weeks, dengue fever and cholera have re-spread in the city of Taiz and its surrounding areas. Specialized medical teams addressing the epidemic have been set up in the Revolution and Republican hospitals in the city, and the Khalifa Hospital in Al-Turbah. All of these teams have received  dozens of cases in the past few days.


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