Clashes between Houthi and tribes in Amran due to forceful reconciliation attempt

Local sheikhs in Amran told Almasdar online that clashes broke out between Houthis and the Sufian tribes on Monday evening, after the latter attempted to force a reconciliation through Houthi mediation not signed off on by all the tribes of "Dhu Mohammed.” 

The sources said that Houthi mediators, including the Houthi leader Abu Ali Al-Hakim and Amer al-Marrani, appointed by the Houthis as governor of Al-Jawf, intervened to ease the tension between the tribes of Dhu Mohammed of Al-Jawf governorate and the Sufian tribes of Amran governorate, who’ve been feuding for years. .

According to sources, the Houthi mediation and reconciliation delegation attempted to force a solution in favor of Sufian tribe, given that the majority of the Sufian tribes fight with the Houthis.  

The tribe of Dhu Zaid , one of the tribes of Dhu Mohammed refused to sign the reconciliation attempt promoted by the Houthis. In response, the Sufian tribes mobilized their resources and deployed them to the disputed areas in support of the Houthis’ forced reconciliation attempts. This then caused the Dhu Zaid tribe to respond violently.  

The clashes were reportedly ongoing as of this morning. 


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