A vigil ear Ma'ashik palace to demand the release of detainees in prisons run by forces loyal to UAE

Attempt to thwart mother of abductees vigil outside Ma'ashik palace unsuccessful

A local source and eyewitnesses told Almasdar Online that elements in the STC security belt tried to break up a vigil held by the mothers of the abductees and detainees on Tuesday. This is not the first campaign of the sort from the association, and the fate of abductees in southern Yemen remains an issue that has not been widely approached.  The vigil was not disrupted by the incursion and the association continued their vigil, near the outer gate of the presidential palace area in the Crater neighborhood of Aden city.

The source said that elements of the STC security belt forces, supported by the UAE, were dispatched amongst the crowd of women. The forces’ intended purpose was to disperse and thwarting the protest, but the women insisted on completing the demonstration and raised banners demanding the government and the coalition intervene to release their children, most of whom were arrested without any charges..

The women shouted against the STC security belt forces and soldiers who tried to disperse the vigil, which came 24 hours after prime minister Dr. Maeen Abdel Malek and several members of his government returned to Aden in accordance with the Riyadh agreement.


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