1 dead and 2 injured in grenade explosion north of Aden

Eye witnesses told Almasdar Online that a gunman was killed and two others were injured on Wednesday afternoon when a gunman detonated a grenade he was carrying in response to a shooting near him in the Qat market in the Mansoura neighborhood  north of Aden.

Witnesses said that a gunman fired indiscriminately in the Qat market, targeting buyers and sellers at the Mansoura market. This prompted another gunman to detonate a hand grenade that was tied to his belt but the blast ended up killing the grenade-thrower and injured two others who were near him..

The widespread presence  of weapons in Aden has led to daily clashes between security and gunmen and amongst gunmen themselves. A number of markets and Qat shops in the city have witnessed armed clashes, most of which result in injuries.


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