A family's appeal to Saudi-led coalition authorities for the release of their son held in Mukalla goes unnoticed

Hadhramaut: family appeals authorities for the release of their son

The family of Raed Ali Mohammed Bin Saad appealed Saudi-led coalition authorities in Mukalla for the release their son on Thursday. Bin Saad has been detained for 10 days in a coalition-run prison. A source in the family of Bin Saad told Almasdar Online, that they asked the management of the Al-Dhabba detainment facility to visit their son or contact him but their request was rejected..

The source added the family has little hopes for approaching the prosecution with this issue, quoting the family as saying "we don’t know who to speak to, its as if he were imprisoned in another country and not in Yemen."

According to the source, Raed, from the Hadhramaut Valley, was arrested on Tuesday November 12th at a checkpoint at the entrance to Mukalla City with a group of passengers in a taxi.

They were transferred to the coalition headquarters in the Al-Dhabba area near Mukalla without informing their family of their arrest. The source said that through meeting with relatives of bin Saad and with officials, it was later found that the taxi driver was trying to smuggle 50 pistols without the passengers' knowledge.

He said Bin Saad owns a brick factory where hes worked for a year after leaving  Saudi Arabia where he lived for several years.

The Saudi-led coalition took the oil port of Dhabba as its command post after taking control of Mukalla city in early 2016. Al Dhabba is on the Hadhrami coast just east of Mukalla city. 

Relatives of several detainees held in facilities like and including at Al-Dhabba claim the Hadhramaut Coast Saudi-led coalition leadership refuses to refer a number of its detainees to the judiciary, accusing them of belonging to terrorist organizations.


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