Foreign Ministry accuses Houthis of targeting government team's residence on the west coast

Houthis target government guesthouse in Hodeidah

Yemen's foreign ministry accused the Houthis of targeting the residence of the government team in Hodeidah on Sunday. The government team currently in Hodeidah is part of the Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC), and is involved in leading and implementing the Hodeidah agreement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned in the strongest terms what it said was "the targeting of the residence of the governments RCC team involved in the leadership and implementation of the Hodeidah Agreement."

The foreign ministry said in a statement that its headquarters in Hodeidah have been subject to eight attacks, five by drones and three with ballistic missiles." The most recent attack coincides with the special envoys briefing at the UN security council, in which he noted positive steps forward in the implementation of the Hodeidah agreement. 

The statement pointed out that this latest attack "disregards UN efforts to implement the Stockholm Agreement, and threatens to end scrap those efforts nearly a year after the agreement was reached."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that this dangerous escalation comes as the Houthis continue to dig trenches and tunnels in Hodeidah despite the deployment of liaison officers and the establishment of joint checkpoints.

The ministry retains that the Houthis are fully responsible for these violations, and call on the United Nations, its relevant agencies and the international community to condemn this escalation and hold the Houthis accountable.

Military sources in the joint forces reported at dawn that the Saudi-led coalition's defenses in the coastal city of Al-Mocha intercepted five missiles and two drone attacks in Al-Mocha airspace.


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