Epidemiological surveillance: 10 deaths and approximately 8,000 more infected with seasonal and dengue fever in Taiz

More dengue fever deaths in Taiz

Health authorities have revealed that 10 citizens have died, approximately 8000 others have been infected with seasonal fever and Dengue fever in Taiz governorate. 

The epidemic surveillance team's report said last weekend that the number of deaths from seasonal fever and dengue fever in the governorate has reached 10, with the number likely to rise. 

According to the program, the total number of suspects as of Thursday was 7,970, of which 3,215 were confirmed by rapid screening, while 103 cases were recorded in government hospitals.

Viral seasonal fevers and dengue fever have spread at an alarming rate  in the past few days in districts of Al-Mocha, Thuubab, Moza’ea, and Al-Waz’eyah in western Taiz governorate. .

The King Salman Center provided medicine and medical supplies to government hospitals in Taiz governorate, while the UAE Red Crescent provided medicine and medical supplies to hospitals in the western Tehama region.


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