Ibb: A woman has shot at Houthi gunmen who tried to loot her father's farm, injuring two of the group

Ibb woman injures two Houthis

A Yemeni girl injured two Houthi gunmen who tried to loot her father's farm in Ibb after shooting at them on Sunday. A local source told Almasdar Online that two members of the Houthi militia were injured after being shot by a 20-year-old woman in the Sabra district of southeastern Ibb governorate. 

The source added that Houthi fighters  came to the village of Aden Al-Azhur in Al-Sabra to demand the girl’s father illegal tax payment to them, while her father was out. After the woman refused to pay and the Houthi fighters approached her fathers Qat plantation to the loop the crop, she shot at them, injuring two. 

According to the source, the wounded were taken to hospital for treatment and the girl's father was kidnapped after the incident and placed in one of the group's prisons in the Al-Sabra district.


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