Protracted clashes in Marib between tribesmen and the Yemeni military to be resolved

A military source told Almasdar Online that 6 members of the army were killed during clashes between government forces and "subversive gangs" led by arms dealer Sheikh Hadi Muthanna in the Arakin area of Marib governorate.

"The subversive gangs are still shelling army positions with heavy artillery and have shelled residential neighborhoods near the provincial center," the source added.

A local sheikh said that the clashes killed 6 civilians and injured others, including women, in the area of "Al-Arakin", in addition to an unidentified foreign truck driver killed in the clashes.

Hundreds of trucks and vehicles are still piled up on both sides of the international line due to the clashes.

According to medical sources, a number of wounded "subversive gangs" have arrived at local clinics and medical centers. Some of the wounded have received treatment and have been released from hospital, while others are still receiving treatment due to their severe conditions.

Muthanna demands financial compensation, and says the Saudi-led coalition targeted industrial equipment in the Al-Menin district south of Marib city, after the Houthis entered the area.

On November 4th,  the Marib public prosecutor's office issues arrest warrant for Hadi Muthanna and three of his children after they had repeatedly blocked the highway.

Tribal mediation was able to stop clashes that took place in recent hours between the army and 'subversive gangs' in the Al-Wadi district in the north of the governorate.

Tribal sources told Almasdar Online that tribal mediation was able to remove the gunmen attacking army positions and withdraw them from the sites of the clashes.

The sources added that an emergency meeting of the tribes of "Obeida" will be held tonight to discuss the problem and find solutions to it.

The meeting will also discuss protecting the international road and protecting the Al-Wadi districts outlets from the entry of any subversive gangs seeking to undermine security and stability in the region.

The international line has also witnessed partial movement of vehicles that were met with severe traffic on both sides of the line since the clashes began.

The clashes, which have been going on for some 36 hours, have resulted in the deaths of some 14 soldiers, civilians and subversive elements.

The subversive gangs are led by Sheikh Hadi bin Hussein Muthanna, one of Yemen's leading arms dealers, who is demanding financial compensation for equipment of his bombed by the Saudi-led coalition in areas controlled by the Houthis in mid-2015.


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