Shabwa Governor announces the termination of the services of Aggreko provided energy and signs a new contract with Interax to produce 10 megawatt

Shabwa governorate to swap electricity provider

The Governor of Shabwa, Mohammed Saleh bin Adyo, announced the termination of a contract signed with Scotland-based power company Aggreko for the provision of electricity, signing a new contract with Gulf-based Intracs to produce 10 MW of energy.

Bin Adyo confirmed the conclusion of an emergency contract with Intracs to provide the province with a new 15 MW generating unit, which will be installed within 15 days, and which will end with ownership of the unit.

In a letter to the Al-Sa’adi Group, the agent of Aggreko in Yemen, bin Adyo explained that the company "did not appreciate the overall situation in the country or the efforts of the leadership of the governorate, the government and the Ministry of Finance to obtain the company's financial dues."



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