The Taiz Military Axis Command called on the governor to complete the investigation and publicize its findings

Taiz military leaders demand speedy investigation into killing of Brig. Gen. Adnan al-Hammadi

The Taiz Military Axis Command pledged to reveal the circumstances behind the recent murder of Brigadier General Adnan Al-Hammadi, commander of the 35th Armored Brigade in Yemen’s southwestern Taiz governorate.

In a statement, the military command called on the governor of Taiz, Nabil Shamsan, to form a special committee to speed up the investigation into the murder and publicly disclose details surrounding the incident.

Al-Hammadi's assassination "is the targeting of the Taiz Military Axis, which was a central pole of the national army and stands in the way of the priestly dynasty project," the statement said, referring to the Houthis. 

On Monday evening, Al-Hammadi was shot in the head in the yard of his home in Al-Hujaryah, a rural area south of Taiz. He was pronounced dead while being taken to an Adeni hospital for specialized treatment.

According to initial accounts of the incident, Al-Hammadi's brother shot him in the head leading to his death. While media and activists throughout the country are reporting conflicting accounts, none has yet been verified.



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