The number of cases continues to rise, according to a local official, and at least one person has died from the mosquito-borne illness

Al-Baydha governorate declares state of emergency amid dengue fever outbreak

Local officials in the Nate’a district of Al-Baydha governorate in central Yemen have declared a state of emergency after identifying 30 cases of dengue fever, including at least one death. 

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral illness that has flared up amid Yemen’s war alongside other preventable diseases including malaria and cholera. Polluted water supplies, unsanitary conditions and a weakened health care system from the war have created fertile ground for epidemics to spread.    

"The number (of identified cases) is still increasing in the Maswar quarter, because of the presence of mosquitos,” District Director Mus'ad Al-Salahi told Almasdar Online. 

The district’s rapid response team has been sent to examine the cases and provide medication, Al-Salahi said.



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