Two children, two soldiers and a farmer killed by Houthi mines west of Taiz and south of Hodeidah

Mines and improvised explosive devices planted by Houthi militias have claimed the lives of two children and two soldiers and a farmer in the past three days on Yemen's west coast.

Local sources told Al-Masdar Online that a farmer was killed Friday evening when a Houthi mine exploded while ploughing his farm in al-Hayma area in Tahita district south of Hodeidah.

The killing of a farmer in southern Hodeidah was preceded by the killing of 12-year-old Shorouk Hussein Qayza’a, who was killed when a landmine exploded near their home on Thursday evening in the village of Mowazze’a western Taiz.

The incident came a day after two soldiers were killed, and three other soldiers from the Giants Brigades were injured, and damaging their vehicle , east of al-Mocha district in western Taiz province.

Meanwhile, a child was killed and two others were injured when a bomb exploded on Thursday in the al-Al-Jabalyah - Tahita south of Hodeidah.

On Wednesday, the joint forces' military engineering unit destroyed 3,000 mines (500 individual mines, 2,500 anti-machine and armored mouths) and was taken from the directorates of al-Mocha,  Mowazze’a and Al-Waze’yia in western Taiz province.


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