Plans for the parks include recreational and sports places, green spaces and swimming pools

Investors plan development of three public parks in Marib city 

Officials in Marib governorate said on Sunday that they handed over three sites to local investors for the development of public parks in the capital Marib city at a cost of $4.6 million. 

Mohammed Attia, general manager of Marib’s Cleaning and Improvement Fund, said the projects are part of the city's urban development plans in partnership with the private sector to meet the social needs of its citizens.

“The investors will rehabilitate the gardens according to the designs and plans delivered to them, which include recreational and sports places, green spaces and swimming pools,” said Attia.

As a result of Marib's relative stability during the war, the city has witnessed a massive influx of internally displaced people from Houthi-controlled areas in northern and western Yemen. The overcrowding, combined with a lack of public parks in Marib, prompted the local authority to seek partnerships with the private sector for new public spaces.

The parks are expected to be completed in the next six months.

Covering an area of 108,000 square meters, the parks are Al-Nasr Park in the west of the city, Saba Park on 60th street and the Martyr Abdul-Rabb Al-Shaddadi Park on 40th street.




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