Hadhrami local authorities delay implementation of electricity tariff

Local authorities in Yemen’s eastern Hadhramout governorate suspended plans to implement a new electricity tariff on Monday.

The new tariff, passed by the internationally recognized government’s Ministry of Electricity in Aden, would more than double electricity prices for the commercial, agricultural and government sectors. 

The Executive Office of Wadi Hadhramout, located in the governorate's north, said the delay in implementing the new tariff is due to the exceptional economic circumstances the country is facing which have made it difficult for citizens to keep up with the payment of their bills. 

In addition to economic troubles, Wadi Hadhramout is facing security concerns. Unknown assailants attached Houthi slogans to a number of buildings in Hadhramout's capital of Seiyun on Sunday, causing popular discontent. In the past month, districts in Wadi Hadhramaut, where Seiyun is located, have witnessed a rise in security incidents targeting civilians and military and security officials.  

Issam Habrish Al-Kathiri, deputy governor of Hadhramaut for the districts of Al-Wadi and Sahra, said rumors about the presence of Houthis in Hadhramout are a desperate attempt by the rebels to raise their morale.



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