The imprisonment and retraining of the public officials in line with Houthi laws and customs is part of an ongoing consolidation of power

Houthis detain, retrain dozens of notaries public north of Sana'a

Houthi authorities have summoned about 60 notaries public in the past two weeks to police stations in Hamdan district, north of Yemen’s capital Sana’a, a resident in the district told Almasdar Online.

The notaries–who act as legal trustees for social and religious matters including marriages, inheritance and other disputes and legitimizing agreements–were then detained in a Houthi-run prison in the Al-Mahjar area of Hamdan.

An official at the prison confirmed the detention of dozens of notaries there, saying that some of them had official government credentials while others had been working unofficially.

The Houthis plan to retrain notaries in line with Houthi laws and customs, before deciding who will be accredited or rejected, the prison official said, adding that all of the trustees were still in prison as of Wednesday. Some of them, including elderly individuals and those with illnesses, had been in the prison for 10 days, the official said.

The imprisonment and retraining, part of the Houthis' ongoing consolidation of power, is being carried out at the direction of Atef Al-Musalli, the secretary-general of Hamdan’s local council. 



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