Clashes between members of the STC security belt and guards of the Central Bank in Aden resulted in 5 injuries, including a child

Clashes between central bank and STC forces result in 5 injuries

Local sources and an eyewitness have reported to Al-Masdar Online that five people, including a child, were injured during skirmishes between STC security belt forces and Hadi government soldiers stationed at a checkpoint near the Central Bank of Yemen building in the Crater district of Aden.

The skirmish lasted lasted nearly half an hour and resulted in the injury of 4 soldiers and a child. The incident occurred after government security forces guarding the bank headquarters prevented a car driven by Awad al-Nubi, an STC security belt leader and brother of “20 camp“ commander Imam Al-Nubi, from passing through the checkpoint towards the bank.

STC forces fired at government soldiers sparking the half-hour shootout, sources told Al-Masdar Online.

Tensions have been high between the two parties since last Friday when STC forces detained a government soldier guarding the Central bank. The soldier was detained at “20 Camp” located in the heart of the Old City of Aden, under the guise of an STC-led security campaign to curb shooting in the city.


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