Al-Zubra camp houses more than 200 displaced families, many of whom fled Al-Khaneq IDP camp in Sana’a governorate

Heavy rains destroy tents of hundreds of displaced families in Marib

Heavy downpours washed away the tents of nearly 200 families in Marib governorate's Al-Zubra camp in Al-Ji’dan district, leaving the displaced families exposed to the elements, local sources at the camp told Almasdar Online. 

Abdulwahid Radman, head of the Executive Unit for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Sana'a governorate, said that his unit visited Al-Zubra camp and evaluated the tragic situation. He called on relief organizations to intervene quickly to shelter the IDPs affected by the rains in the camp. 

"Humanitarian organizations in Marib have promised urgent intervention to house the displaced and distribute food to them," Radman said.

After their first visit to the camp, the International Organization for Migration promised to provide the necessary aid to the people affected by the floods.

For nearly two months, the IDPs of Al-Zubra camp have received no relief or shelter assistance from international organizations, except for some local organizations.

The camp houses more than 200 displaced families, many of whom were displaced from Al-Khaneq IDP camp in Sana’a governorate’s Hareeb Nihm area, due to fighting there at the end of January. 



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