After tribesmen from the Aal Al-Jawf Qaifa and Sadat Ryam tribes intervened in a scuffle between children, the ensuing clashes spread throughout the city

Playground dispute spirals into tribal battle in Al-Baydha capital

Violent clashes broke out on Monday between the tribes of Aal Al-Jawf Qaifa and Sadat Ryam in Rada’a city in central Yemen’s Al-Baydha governorate, after two opposing tribal members intervened in a scuffle between local children. 

Ryami gunmen shot and killed the Qaifa tribesman who had intervened in the children’s dispute, according to a resident.

The violence escalated further when members of the Qaifa tribe retaliated by killing the Ryami gunman at his home, triggering widening clashes between the two tribes spanning multiple streets and neighborhoods in the city, the resident said.

The clashes killed six Qaifa tribesmen and wounded six others. Three Ryami tribesmen were killed, including the Houthi leader Mohammed Hussein Al-Ryami. Several civilians were injured in the vicinity of the clashes.

A girl was shot dead in the clashes while riding next to her father in a bus on the city’s main street. The father was unable to bring her to a hospital due to damages the bus sustained and the intensity of the clashes.

Houthi security vehicles were patrolling the city during the clashes, but did not intervene. 



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