Demonstrations in Taiz and Al-Turbah demand the dismissal of corrupt officials

Two separate demonstrations in Taiz governorate took place on Saturday, demanding the dismissal of corrupt officials and the provision of basic services to residents. 

Demonstrations in the city of Taiz and Al-Turbah repeated calls for the dismissal of all corrupt local security and military leaders.  The protesters were also protesting the absence of state institutions, and the persistence of conflicts in the governorate. 

The demonstrators called on the government to provide basic services such as water and electricity, whose provision has been assumed by traffickers in the government  since the beginning of the war.

The demonstrators expressed their frustration with authorities including the presidency and government institutions, which have ignored these month-long demonstrations, as well as the growing threats by local authorities against protesters.

In a related incident, soldiers on board a government military vehicle opened fire on Sundays  demonstration in Taiz city, confiscated a banner with pictures of the military leaders whose departure the protesters are demanding. 


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