The governor of Socotra, Ramzi Mahrous, called on Saudi Arabia to pressure the STC to end fighting and incitement on the island

Socotran authorities accuse STC of attacking government headquarters

Socotra authorities issued a statement Tuesday accusing forces loyal to the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) of attempting to storm the governorate’s headquarters, days after a military battle on the island between STC-backed forces and Yemeni government forces. 

The guards of the building thwarted the attack, according to the statement. 

"This act is a clear violation [of] the STC's earlier commitment to return the looted equipment of the 1st Marine Brigade... and commit to law and order.” 

At around dawn on Friday, forces loyal to the STC attacked from the city's western entrance using heavy and medium weapons captured from the 1st Marine Infantry Brigade.

While Socotra has witnessed numerous low-level clashes between government and UAE-backed forces in recent years, this was the first military battle in the island’s history. Saudi soldiers intervened and mediated a truce between the two sides. 

The government statement issued Tuesday called on Saudi forces in Socotra to secure a new commitment from the STC to end its “incitement and slogans calling on Socotrans to fight.”


Edited by Ahlam Mohsen and Casey Coombs



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