Government forces repel Houthi attacks in Al-Makhdarah, western Marib

Government forces repel a violent Houthi attack on army positions in the area of Al-Makhdarah in the Serwah district of western Marib governorate. A military source told Almasdar Online that the Houthis have launched several attacks on army positions in Al-Makhdarah from the areas west of Marib governorate. The source added that  army forces responded to the attack and that clashes are ongoing in a number of positions that the militia is seeking control of.

The source confirmed that 5 Houthi militants were killed during the attack and others were injured, but did not give details of the casualties among government forces.

The Houthis occasionally launch attacks on army positions in Serwah front in an attempt to take control of that area. 


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