A young man has died after being tortured by members of STC forces. Almasdar Online investigates the circumstances of the killing of Yasser Al-Marfadi

Almasdar Online investigates: the killing of Yasser Al-Marfadi

Three days ago, Yasser Al-Marfadi was walking through the streets of  Ja’ar, Abyan governorate’s largest city. The day after, he was found dead with signs of torture, in a house located in the city center.  

The body of the 30-year-old was taken to the Al-Razi Hospital near where his body was found. A local source told Almasdar Online that his family is refusing to bury him until the perpetrators are arrested. The signs of torture his body display  are reminiscent of the torture and detention centers run by local militias backed by the UAE.

The family of the deceased have called on residents of Ja’ar city to stand with them and hold accountable those that Yasser’s brother, y Anis Al-Marfadi, claims planed to torture and kill his brother. 

How was Yasser Al-Marfadi killed?

Sources from his family and friends told Almasdar Online that as of the morning of November 9th, Yasser Al-Marfadi was present at his home in Ja’ar. That same evening, however, he was seen leaving his house and was later seen by both his brother and other eye-witnesses in Ja’ar being escorted by 4 other men. It is believed by his brother that these were the men who later tortured and killed him.    

On the evening of the 10th of November, Anis Al-Marfadi posted pictures of his brother Yassers corpse on social media, revealing  that the Yasser had suffered torture to his feet, hands and the top of his nose. The same sources said that wounds, scratches and marks of beatings in his head, nose, mouth and legs appeared clear, as the young man was tortured with electric wires used on various parts of his body.

Motives and reasons for torture

In posts on his Facebook page Anis Al-Marfadi claims that his brother was tortured by  Southern Transitional Council fighters, also naming 3 of his brothers torturers; Mohammed Hussein, Nader Mohammed bin Jadi, and Adel Abdul Jabbar, also known as Tu'aima. 

Al-Marfadi’s Facebook post says that the three torturers  are now in the Jabal Khanfar facility, which is controlled by STC security forces in Ja’ar. The post also mentioned the torture took place at the home of Mohammed Hussein Ali Atef Al-Kaldi, a member of the STC.

The STC’s Security Belt and Rapid Intervention Forces in Abyan denied any connection with the group allegedly behind the torture.  According to them, thosewho carried out the torture were not soldiers there and did not have any equipment belonging to STC forces.

In a statement released by the Department of Moral Guidance, Col. Abdul Rahman al-Shanini who is the deputy commander of the Security Belt forces in Abyan and commander of the Rapid Intervention Forces in the governorate, claims that his forces had arrested the perpetrators and that an investigation on the motives had begun.  

However, local sources and sources from within the security apparatus have told Almasdar Online that the three who carried out the torture  have in the past been part of the Security Belt forces but have been suspended for some time due to them having problems with other soldiers of their platoon. Other sources from the same security apparatus and areas have however said  that the three young men were not dismissed from the Security Belt forces and that they are still on the STC payroll.

Sources who asked not to be named said that the alleged perpetrators abducted Yasser Al-Marfadi at a site outside the center of Ja’ar city, and after receiving a blow to the head and losing consciousness he was  transferred to the house where he was then killed. According to sources, al-Marfadi had a dispute over money with a member of the torture squad and that Al-Marfadi and the alleged torturers were on good terms for the most part, but that they were known to have had disputes over money in the past. 

A passerby found Yassers body in the house where he was killed when he noticed that the main door of the house was open. The passerby then filed a report to the Security Belt forces which later announced that they arrested the perpetrators.


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