Saudi security delegation discusses security with the Yemen Petroleum Corporation

A source at the Yemeni Petroleum Corporation (YPC) told Almasdar Onlinethat a delegation from the Saudi armed forces visited the YPC building in the Al-Mu’alla district in the center of Aden to discuss the company's security in the coming period.

The source said that the delegation visited the oil company and held a meeting with the company's leadership in order to complete security arrangements meant to secure the company's facilities in cooperation with the Facility Protection Authority, as stipulated in the Riyadh agreement between the i government and Southern Transitional Council. 

The Saudi delegation toured the company's HQ surroundings and a number of its facilities, accompanied by officials of the company's executive and security management.

The Saudi delegation's visit to the headquarters of the YPC  comes as part of the arrangements being made by the Saudi-led coalition forces in Aden to begin  procedures for securing state institutions and vital state buildings and facilities, and to begin the process of transferring their security from local armed formations to the Facilities Protection Forces in accordance with the security annex of the Riyadh agreement.


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