5 killed, including a senior officer, as a rocket targets military headquarters in Marib

Five Yemeni army personnel, including a senior officer, were killed this morning when a rocket hit the Yemeni military headquarters in Marib governorate, east of Sanaa. A military source told Almasdar Online that the rocket targeted the joint operations building at Sahn Al-Jin camp north of Marib city.

The source added that the missile caused a violent explosion and killed five military personnel, including a senior officer whose person and rank were not identified. .

The incident also resulted in the injury of 10 other soldiers, some of whom are guards and some of whom are custodial staff of the building.

This is the second attack on a major military facility in Marib in two weeks. The last attack occurred late last month and targeted the Yemeni Defense Ministry headquarters in the same camp during a high-level meeting that included the defense minister and military leaders of the Sauidi-led coalition and Yemeni army.  


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