Masked gunmen assassinate photojournalist Nabil Al-Qu’aity in Aden 

Masked gunmen assassinated photojournalist Nabil Al-Qu’aity near his home in Dar Saad district, in the north of Aden, according to several sources.

Media professionals and colleagues confirmed Al-Qu’aity's assassination. A local source said that four masked gunmen intercepted Al-Qu’aity after he left his home and started firing heavily towards him.

Al-Qu’aity was rushed to a Médecins Sans Frontières hospital but died of his injuries.

Following the start of Yemen’s civil war, Al-Qu’aity emerged as one of the country’s prominent photojournalists, covering the fighting in Aden and Lahj for Al-Arabiya channel before later freelancing with AFP in the liberated south.




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