The president of the university's faculty union listed the deaths in a mass obituary without specifying how they died

Aden University mourns 27 professors' deaths since May amid disease outbreaks

Aden University’s Faculty Union said that 27 of its professors died in May and early June from fevers and other disease outbreaks that have affected the city, including COVID-19.

The disease outbreaks in the interim capital have claimed at least 1,800 lives, according to statistics from the Department of Civil Status and Civil Registry in Aden.

Without specifying the causes of death, Dr. Fadl Nasser Makwa, president of the union, said in a mass obituary that the professors had made significant marks in their academic work.

Dozens of politicians, doctors, academics and judges have died in Aden over the past two months. But without adequate testing supplies, health facilities and trained personnel to diagnose and treat ill patients amid panic during the COVID-19 outbreak, the causes of death in the vast majority of cases are unclear. 

The internationally recognized government’s Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Nasser Ba'oum, said this week that about 30 million Yemenis are at risk of six disease outbreaks: COVID-19, malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya, cholera and typhoid. 

The most recent professor to have died was Dr. Nasser Ali Nasser Al-Kazmi, former vice-president of the University of Aden for Student Affairs. He passed away early Wednesday.

The union statement included the following list of Aden University professors who have died since the beginning of May:

1. Dr. Saeed Ba’onqood - Faculty of Agriculture

2. Dr. Salem Saleh Al-Omari - Faculty of Oil

3. Dr. Fouad Rashid - Faculty of Administrative Sciences

4. Dr. Najib Salem Madlah - Faculty of Education, Shabwa

5- Dr. Alawi Abdullah Taher - Faculty of Education, Aden

6. Dr. Saleh Nasser Al-Sufi - Faculty of Education, Aden

7. Dr. Zafer Abdul Habib - Faculty of Education, Aden

8. Dr. Mona Obeid - Faculty of Education, Aden

9. Dr. Abu Bakr Salem - Faculty of Medicine

10. Dr. Younis Anis Bin Taleb - Faculty of Medicine

11. Dr. Emad Abdel Halim - Faculty of Engineering

12. Dr. Adel Al-Sarari - Faculty of Dentistry

13. Dr. Najat Abdul Wali - Faculty of Administrative Sciences

14. Nabil Ahmed Bin Ahmed - Faculty of Medicine

15. Qusay Shihab - Faculty of Administrative Sciences

16. Aswan Qashash - Faculty of Education Aden

17. Jamal Al-Saqqaf - Faculty of Medicine

18. Dr. Najib Noman - Faculty of Engineering

19. Dr. Mukhtar Hussein - Faculty of Law

20. Dr. Abdo Saif Hassan Al-Shaabi - Faculty of Education Tor Al-Baha

21. Dr. Qadri Abdel Baqi - Faculty of Arts

22. Dr. Obaid Bin Raoud - Faculty of Education Aden

23. Dr. Saleh Al-Attas - Faculty of Medicine

24. Dr. Salem Saleh - Faculty of Medicine

25. Dr. Mutlaq Massad Ali Al-Daghfaly - Faculty of Arts

26. Dr. Nabil Mehyoub - Faculty of Arts

27. Dr. Nasser Ali Nasser - Faculty of Arts


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