Including 75 people who’ve been run over, 20 people died in 203 traffic accidents in Sanaa last month

20 deaths due to traffic accidents in Sanaa just last month

Twenty people died and 209 were injured, including 153 seriously injured in 203 traffic accidents in Sana’a in  October of 2019.

A report issued by the Traffic Department of Sanaa Municipality revealed that there were  75 incidents of pedestrians being run over, 116 car crashes, a motorcycle collision with cars, four crashes into stationary cars and eight collisions between non-road vehicles. These incidents resulted in 20 deaths and 209 injuries.

Total losses resulting from these accidents amounted to 90.6 million,Yemeni Riyals,according to the report..

The Capital Authority of Sana’a city has attributed the cause of these accidents to non-compliance with traffic rules and regulations, excessive speeding, mistaken overtaking, and underserviced vehicles.

The report noted that there were 112 incidents due to speeding, 28 accidents due to incorrect overtaking and 63 incidents of technical failure.


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