Houthi authorities in Ibb dismiss 788 teachers from their jobs

The Houthi authorities have dismissed 788 teachers from various directorates in Ibb governorate. A source who works for the ministry of education told Almasdar Online that the education ministry office in Ibb governorate, which is under the control of the Houthis, give no official explanation. 

According to the source, this has become a common trend in Houthi-controlled areas as they tend to appoint new teachers loyal to their agenda. The local education authority of Ibb also excluded those teachers which have been dismissed from the half-salary payments for December 2017, which are due to be disbursed in the coming days.

Since they took power, the Houthis have made multiple changes to the educational system in Yemen and imposed activities that serve their ideology including their chant that calls for “death to America, death to Israel, Jews be damned and victory for Islam.” According to the source, the Houthis seem recently to be targeting Ibb governorate more as they abducted, threatened and have been violent with teachers throughout Ibb governorate. 


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