Houthis storm two houses in Dhamar, assaulting women and making one arrest

Houthis raid a civilian homes in Dhamar, assaulting women

Armed Houthis attacked a group of women and looted a private car after they stormed a house in the city of Dhamar on Friday, also arresting a citizen during another raid on a house the same day.

According to local source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, Houthi gunmen broke into a private home in the Qahar neighborhood north of the Houthicontrolled city of Dhamar and assaulted a group of women inside the house.

 In a related incident the Houthis  also stormed the house of Dr. Ali al-Shahri in the Al-Olyah residential neighborhood east of Dhamar city.

According to a source in the governorate, Houthi gunmen fired a barrage of bullets at the house and arrested Dr. Al-Shahri's son Sadiq, taking him to an unknown location.


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