Marib: 124 suspected cases of dengue fever in a village in the al-Juba district in two weeks

Marib dengue cases on the rise

An official health source in Marib governorate announced on Sunday that the number of suspected cases of dengue fever in a village in the southern district of Juba in southern Marib governorate has risen to 124 cases in just two weeks. The epidemiological surveillance coordinator of the Al-Juba district, Awadh Al-Ramli, told Almasdar online that the 10 confirmed cases, and 124 suspected cases have been identified in the district.  

Al-Ramli noted that particularly in Naja village, but also in its vicinity, the return of  disease-carrying mosquitoes is causing the recurrence of this spread. 

He added that 2 confirmed and 34 suspected cases were reported in the village of Al-Jadida, close to Naja, in just 3 days. 

Al-Ramli said that a spraying campaign with the support of the provincial health office began yesterday  to control the population of disease-carrying mosquitoes in Jubah district and the rest of the governorate. 


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