Al-Masdar Online publishes information about Houthi leaders in Hajjah fronts and secret training centers found in the possession of one of the captured commanders

For the fifth day in a row, Iranian-backed Houthi militias continued to launch attacks and infiltration attempts on the front lines of the fighting in northern Hajjah province, while fighters in the 5th Military Zone found information about the group's leaders in the province, and secret training centers, which were in the possession of a field commander who were captured in Wednesday’s clashes.

A military source told Al-Masdar Online that the group's militants launched several attacks and attempts to infiltrate towards liberated positions in Hayran, Abbs and Haradh, but the forces of the fifth region stationed north of Hajjah were able to repel the attacks and the militias suffered heavy losses.

The source said that the army forces were able to repel an attack by the militias on Thursday morning, on the village of AL-Muqata’ah province east of Hayran district.

He noted that coalition aircraft were participating in repelling militia attacks, as the fighters carried out raids on Houthi gatherings near the village of Al-Jamra, resulting in deaths and injuries, the number of whom were not specified.

The planes  carried two raids with a 12/7-caliber machine gun and a B-10 cannon used by the Houthis to attack the village of Al-Jamra District in the east.

According to the media center of the fifth region, another attack launched by the militias on the liberated positions west of the Directorate of Mastaba, the military forces of the military zone managed to foil it and captured five Houthi fighters, two of whom were injured, and were transferred for treatment in hospitals in the Kingdom.

The fifth region said in a brief statement on the center's Facebook page that coalition aircraft carried out seven raids on Thursday morning, targeting military positions, gatherings and mechanisms, including a rocket launcher for the militia in the District of Mastaba, adjacent to Hayran.

On Wednesday, army forces in Abbs district repelled Houthi attacks on the villages of Al-Tina, west of Al-bani Hassan isolation, and captured a number of Houthi militiamen, in addition to killing 15 members of the attackers, according to photos and video obtained by Al-Masdar online from the field correspondent.

In a related context, fighters in the fifth military region found information in the possession of one of the prisoners, believed to be a field commander of the Houthi militias.

The information, which obtained by Al-Masdar online, includes names of Houthi leaders, recruitment supervisors, payment, training, support and funding, as well as the most important secret training camps in various areas of Hajjah and Sa'da governorates.

According to the information, Abu Mohammed al-Ammari Square  supervisor and the leader of the militia attack escaped to the area of Bani Hassan, of which is controlled by militias in Abbs district, and Abu Nasrallah Assama Harrach, one of the leaders of the Houthis, was captured, in addition to the killing of two leaders, one of whom is named Abu al-Batoul Al-Sharafi, Hajjah supervisor of the Houthis, the other is named Abu al-Ahrar al-Shammri, the leader of an offensive group.

According to the sources, the investigation and gathering of information from the prisoners is continuing to learn more details on the information.

Al-Masdar publishes online some of the information that he has been briefed on in particular and was in the possession of the Houthi prisoners:

1- Leadership:

- Naief Kharfasha recruitment leader in Hajjah

- Mokhtar Maradi from Al-Shahel area, group leader

- Abu Haidar, Deputy of Maradi

- Anwar Ali Wasel Group Leader

- Abu Badr al-Ashwal from Al-Maghrebah, group leader

- Abu Abdul Malik Zidan, medical affairs officer, and transfer of the group's wounded to Hajjah

- Abu Hamza al-Qadi, group leader

- Abu Ammar al-Jarsh, group leader

- Abu Sanad Issa, group leader

- Ali Hizam Masood, area  leader

- Ali Farhan, a supervisor from Al-Meftah

- Abu Qassim, Supply Officer

- Abu Jawad from Abbs, commander of Hayran axis

Training centers:

- Training center in Sa'da, Razeh district

- Training center in Beni Qais, Al-Lawhah junction on a dirt line connecting the mountains near Al-Mahweit

- Training center in Zaidia Al-Sharqiah Farms

- Training center in Al-Zahra Farms Al-Ma'ras


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