More than 6000 Houthi mines de-armed in Al-Mocha and Al-Khokha

Engineering teams of the National Mine Handling Program, in partnership with the Saudi project (MASAM) demolished more than 6,000 mines on Tuesday. The mines were planted by the Houthisin the Al-Mocha district of Taiz governorate  and the Al-Khokha district of Hodeidah governorate as they retreat from those areas.

According to an operational source in the national programme, 6,324 mines and other unexploded shells, rockets and other kinds of ammunition were destroyed in the Al-Kadha area of Taiz governorate.

According to the Yemeni SABA news agency, the demolished ordinances and ammunition included were 815 anti-tank mines, 815 stun guns, 363 105-calibre rockets, 350 bombs, 252 mortar shells, 635 Aves, 1,594 rounds of 23 caliber rounds and 1,500 rounds of 14.5 caliber bullets.

The source indicated that several different kinds of ordinances and ammunition were planted by the Houthis is random and sporadic ways, but that the engineering teams, along with the Saudi project MASAm, have been able to demolish thousands. 

Semi-official statistics indicate that the militia has laid more than a million mines in the areas it has taken control of, with the Saudi demining project has removed more than 100,000 mines in various areas throughout Yemen.


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