Two A320 Airbuses will join the Yemen Airways fleet in 2020

An official at Yemen Airways told Almasdar Online that two new Airbus A320 aircraft will join the company's fleet in 2020. The agreement for purchase is meant to be signed next week with the French company.  

One aircraft is expected to be received in early 2020 and the other by mid-2020, according to an agreement reached last week during Dubai Air 2019.

Yemen Airways announced Tuesday that it had agreed with Airbus on a final version of an earlier contract between the two companies, which was signed in 2008 and amended in 2014. The contract involved the purchase of 10 Airbus A320s, which the French company said at the time, was worth 700 million dollars.

A final version of the contract was agreed during the meeting between the Chairman of Yemen Airways, Captain Ahmed Mus’ad al-Alwani, and Tom Williams, Deputy General Manager of Airbus, and Omar Al-Jafri, who represents the Saudi side in Yemen Airways.

Yemen Airways was established in 1978 as an official airline in partnership with Saudi Arabia, which owns 49% of the company's, while the Yemeni government owns 51% of it. 


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