A prisoner release illustrates Saudi efforts at maintaining a truce with the Houthis

128 Yemeni prisoners returned from Saudi Arabia to Yemen

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said Thursday it has transferred 128 prisoners from Saudi Arabia to Sana’a.

"Today we return 128 detainees from Saudi Arabia to Sana'a," the ICRC said in a tweet.

"We welcome this initiative and are pleased that humanitarian considerations are taken into account for families waiting for their loved ones to return home," the Red Cross added.

A source inside the Sanaa airport reported the arrival of Houthi officials and a number of others to receive the released prisoners at Sana’a airport.

On Tuesday, the Saudi-led coalition announced an initiative to release 200 Houthi prisoners and open Sana’a airport for the transport the wounded for treatment abroad in coordination with the World Health Organization (WHO).


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