Security and military units beat back the fighters and restored access to key highway

Marib security forces arrest outlaws seeking compensation for Saudi airstrike

The Security Committee of Marib governorate said Friday that local forces had restored calm following clashes with "outlaw elements" who attacked security and military checkpoints and cut off travel between Marib and neighboring Hadhramout governorate to the east. 

The committee said it arrested a number of militants, led by arms dealer Hadi Muthanna in Al-Arakin area of Al-Wadi district in Marib, and referred them to the competent authorities. 

Using medium and heavy weapons, the gang looted and burned cars in an attempt to stop public movement and destabilize security, stability and development in Marib, according the statement. Several people were wounded and killed.

The gang blocked the “international line,” or main road linking Marib and Hadhramout to seek financial compensation for damaged industrial equipment, which the group accuses the Saudi-led coalition of targeting.

Earlier in November, Marib’s public prosecutor issued warrants for the arrest of Muthanna and three of his children for repeatedly blocking the highway.

The security committee praised the cooperation of Marib tribesmen, including the Obeida tribe, for its help in restoring stability.



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