Spokesman "Transitional": Riyadh agreement a strategic step on the path to the goals of liberation and independence

Nizar Haitham, spokesman for the so-called Southern Transitional Council, called the Riyadh agreement expected to be signed between the Yemeni government and the Council in the Saudi capital as a "strategic step" to achieve the goals of "liberation and independence."

"The Riyadh agreement represents a strategic step towards achieving the Southern Transitional Council project and its goals of liberation and independence," Haitham said in remarks posted on the website of the UAE-backed council.

An agreement, sponsored by Saudi Arabia, is expected to be signed months ago to resolve the insurgency that has been undertaken by the UAE army and aviation to Aden, Yemen’s interim capital, and parts of Abyan province.

The text of the statement

Since the historic Declaration of Aden, the Southern Transitional Council has been able to transfer the issue of the people of the South to regional and international forums and dialogue tables at a steady pace as part of a strategic plan based on adherence to the national objectives contained in the Council's documents and political project.

By signing the Saudi Arabia-sponsored Riyadh Agreement, the Southern Transitional Council has succeeded in establishing a new and advanced phase in which the South will have official representation at regional and international levels, including formal partnership at all political and military levels. Economic, security and development with the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, in order to serve our national cause and to enhance our local, regional and international presence.

The current realities confirm today's reality that the South and the sacrifices made by its people, and the gains and victories it has achieved, will be present and strong in the next phase through the historic Riyadh Agreement, in which we will move from the stage of stagnation and denial to our national cause to the stage of clear and official partnership. Regional and international recognition of the southern cause and the extraction of the right of southerners to manage, secure and protect their land, as well as to represent themselves in all forums.

We affirm that our military and security sectors continue to fight Houthi militias, terrorist organizations and groups as part of the efforts and strategy of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

The Riyadh agreement represents a strategic step on the road to achieving the Southern Transitional Council project and its goals of liberation and independence.

The leadership of the Council has proved to the whole world its keenness on peace, and on the success of the efforts of calm and that we are active and serious partners in securing our land and protecting our borders besides our success and our keenness to continue with the Arab alliance in the face of the Houthi militias and the fight against terrorism and extremism and our hands outstretched for all for peace.

Eng.Nizar Haitham

Spokesperson for the Southern Transitional Council


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